Leading you to Opportunities

“Shaping individuals into highly valued employees”

Innov8tive Training Solutions is a training, recruitment, and placement company in Manila, Philippines that is dedicated to shaping and preparing applicants for employment by our loyal clients and to help find jobs that best match their skill set.

For several years, we have been providing jobs fairly which respects diversity. We provide career development training to our clients for their employee development programs, increasing employee job satisfaction, and lowering their recruiting and operational costs.

Our mission is to create partnerships with the country’s leading schools and universities around the country. We believe it is vital to bring awareness in terms of jobs and careers to students who will soon enter the workforce. This is to help them prepare for entering the labor market and have opportunities to make a difference in the world around them.

By providing training and job opportunities to candidates, and qualified applicants to our clients, we also contribute to the prosperity of our communities.

As a training provider in the Philippines, we envision ourselves to be the leader in continuously preparing and molding businesses and industries with exceptional professionals bringing innovation, ingenuity, and excitement to the work place.

Our History

Innov8tive Training Solutions was built on the solid principles of honesty and integrity. These principles give us the confidence to pursue our passions in making a difference in communities, and soon, in the world. By helping others reach their full potential, we act as a positive force in their lives. We exude and share positivity every time we engage with our clients. We believe that people make a difference – the people who work hard is the face of your company.

Our Clients

As a Training, Recruitment, and Placement Company, we define our clients as our Employment Partners. We also see individuals that we provide opportunities with as our clients as well!

Understanding where they come from, where they’ve been, and where they’re going is important to help them reach opportunities and success!

We believe that our Employment Partners deserve staff with their company’s best interest in mind. Providing people to do a job is one thing, providing great employees build careers.

Business Partners and Accreditors